Week 14 – Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

Bill Porter.  Incredible man.

He was born with cerebral palsy, yet as he was growing up, his Mother told him he could do anything. He wanted to be a door-to-door salesman like his Dad, but was deemed unemployable by the state.  He refused to go on disability. He exemplified persistence and patience, finally convincing Watkins Inc. to give him a door-to-door salesman job, selling their products on a 7 mile route that no one wanted.

Think about door-to-door sales.  Not an easy gig to begin with.  I know.  I did it for 6 years.  When I imagine Bill Porter, for over 40 years, everyday, greeting people with his slurred and laborious speech, only having the use of one hand and carrying his briefcase in that hand for miles everyday, knowing that walking was very painful for him…I am truly astounded, impressed, and inspired to step it up big time in my own life.

He didn’t let any of his limitations stop him from doing what he wanted to do.  He had a positive mental attitude, and made himself a success. He did what it took.  He had customers fill in their own order forms.  He used his typewriter to type out his orders and delivery instructions using one finger, and typing one letter at a time.  It took hours. After his mother got Alzheimer’s, he would take the bus everyday to a downtown Portland hotel, where the bellboys would straighten his collar, put on his tie and cuff links, and tie his shoes.  He couldn’t drive, so he hired a teenager to deliver his orders for him.

When he was hit by a car, and was unable to walk for several months, he adapted and continued his sales by phone.

Bill Porter eventually became Watkins’ top seller, working for the company for over 40 years.

20/20 aired two segments on Bill Porter.  This is a quote from the second one: “He’s a source of strength, because what he believed he could do, he did. And all the voices in his life that told him “No” were silenced by the whisper of his will.”

  • He devised a system that worked from his first mile on.
  • He stuck stubbornly to the order he had established.
  • Rain or shine he walked his 7 to 10 miles a day, often painfully for around $300 a week, never complaining.

Bill Porter passed away on December 3, 2013 at the age of 81, yet his legacy lives on.  That legacy for me is his positive attitude, stick-to-itiveness, resourcefulness, passion, determination, dedication, commitment…and the list goes on and on.

Bill’s life shines a light on the many ways, over the years, that I’ve quit on myself, on living up to my potential, on following through on promises I’ve made to myself.  I choose to not dwell on this though.  Rather, I see clearly how I can play much bigger in my life, be significantly more disciplined on a daily basis, and rise to fulfilling the big dreams I have for my life.

It’s a New Year.  2017.  I take Bill Porter with me in my heart this year.  The times that I feel like giving up and quitting on my commitments to myself, I pull out his picture and remember his endurance, stamina, staying power, persistence, perseverance.  The times I feel fear, I pull out his picture and remember his convictions, courage, bravery, non-conformity.  The times I feel tired, I pull out his picture and remember him walking in pain 7 to 10 miles a day, typing with one finger for hours… And I am inspired to be grateful, to carry on, to push forward, to not settle, to live boldly, to live well, to really live.

Week 13 – NARC

Three weeks ago I set a huge goal for the upcoming year (December 11, 2016 – December 10, 2017).  It’s a bigger goal than I’ve ever set before because I want to see what I’m really made of.  I have something to prove to myself.  It’s time to begin the journey to the best I can be, and the best I can give.  No settling for anything less.  Living boldly.

Those who know me know I’ve always set big goals, and I go after them.  I have proven in the past that I have determination and tenacity.  Many people tell me that I inspire them.

I don’t tend to reach the goals I’ve set, but I make a respectable dent. Bigger than I would have made if I hadn’t set such a big goal.

Some people think I set unrealistic goals.  “Here she goes again…”

So what if someone thinks they’re unrealistic.  What matters is what I think, what I believe, what I’m willing to give to achieve them, the lessons I’ll learn, and the lives I’ll touch along the way.

In order to achieve this huge goal (and I’m going to), a few things are imperative:

  • I toil and I endure.
  • I ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goal above my head.
  • I keep this goal in the forefront of my mind.
  • I always remember why I’m doing what I’m doing.
  • I believe I achieve it and I feel me achieving it.
  • I persist until I succeed.
  • I keep a positive mental attitude.
  • I have fun and enjoy this journey.
  • I follow a written daily plan of action that I’ve prepared the night before.
  • I engage support through a mastermind.
  • I take great care of my health, get good rest, and maintain my energy.
  • I keep the main thing the main thing and just do that.
  • I keep track of my progress and measure it daily.
  • I reflect daily on the use of my time, my attitude and my focus, and record what worked, what didn’t work, and what can get better.
  • I do daily personal development, using motivational videos, quotes, talks to inspire me boldly forward.
  • I celebrate my progress every day.
  • I employ the 7 Laws of the Mind daily.
    • Law of Forgiveness
    • Law of Growth
    • Law of Practice
    • Law of Relaxation
    • Law of Substitution
    • Law of Subconscious
    • Law of Dual Thought

And finally, I am employing Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning (NARC).  I am so thankful to have learned about this through MKMMA.  I truly believe that using NARC every day is what will make the difference between me achieving this goal completely, and simply making a respectable dent.

Big Hugs,






Week 12 – No Routine Poses Challenges

I’m not quite ready to write the conclusion to my Week 10 blog.  I will be… soon.  For now…

I travel a lot.  A few times a year I travel out of country, and many times a year I head to a another city a few hours away.  Back and forth.  Two weeks here.  A weekend there.  A week here.  A few days there.  Three weeks here.  Back and forth.

My work activities and schedule are different every day.

Overall, I enjoy this aspect of my life, apart from the ‘what feels like’ constant packing, hauling stuff around, and unpacking.

However, I’ve noticed that over the last few weeks of even more travel than normal, this lack of routine has posed increased challenges for me regarding fulfilling my MKMMA commitments.

This is how I choose to live my life.  I’ve concluded that regardless of how unconventional my life is, it simply comes down to focus and priorities.

Successfully fulfilling my commitments requires me to exercise more focus and discipline at these times.

Discipline.  Focus.  Energy.  Execution.

Discipline to do what I’ve said I would do.  Focus to keep first things first because this is my life and my future self.  I can be what I will to be!   Energy to do it with unbridled enthusiasm.  And execution.  Just do it!  Do it now!!

Something that has come into clearer focus for me recently is yes, it’s all about my thoughts, AND it’s all about execution.  Action!  Having good, positive thoughts must be followed by good, positive actions.  Consistency is truly key.

Persistent, continuous action.  Bold action.  This is my life!  Take bolder actions!  Do I really want what I say I want?  Then do what I said I’d do, sometimes more, but never less.

And so, I refocus and do it now!

Big Hugs,




Week 11 – Quite A Day!

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Las Vegas.  I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to walk outside here, after a few days of a windchill of -30 degrees Celcius in Alberta.  I walked 20,489 steps (8.24 miles) yesterday, and 12,865 steps so far today.  I love to walk!

We had our one day convention with my insurance company today.  It was incredible!  It was a privilege to listen to a gentleman who has been with the company for 60 years and who was our late founder’s closest friend. He spoke of having a definite major purpose, a burning desire and a positive mental attitude, of changing our thoughts, of taking action, and persisting.  He said to never let the picture of my definite major purpose fade in my mind.

The whole day was a gift of inspiration to me.  It was a gift I gave myself because I chose to book a flight, hotel room, and shuttle and get here.  It came at a financial cost.  Everything comes with a sacrifice.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely!

Why?  I got to see the big picture.  I got to see how I fit into this big picture.

I observed.  I listened.  I felt.  I was challenged.  I was inspired.

I saw where I fall short…how I play small.  For example, I hold back from calling people, and especially at this time of year because “I don’t want to bother people” or I refrain from saying things because “I don’t want to offend people”.

I learned where and how I can improve in my discipline, commitment, skills.  Like calling 10 people a day, every day, regardless of what’s going on.  The difference I can make is everything.

What do I want to be known for?  What legacy do I want to leave?  I want to matter.  I want to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives I touch.  I want so much for my family to be proud of me.  I want so much for me to be proud of me.  When I hold back, it’s not possible.  When I play full on and play big, it’s possible.

After the event was over, our office got together and broke into 3 groups. We each shared what we were taking away from today.  Then we were asked to share what our goals for the first quarter of 2017 are and also what our goals for the full year are.  I was asked to share first, so I stated my huge goals publicly.  (I had already decided on the biggest one a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn’t a spur of the moment, in the emotion of the day, goal.)

Then as I listened to everyone else’s goals, which were mostly much smaller than mine, I had a couple of interesting thoughts going through my head.  One was my own thought, “I’ve had such a slow start at getting some initial results that when I shared my goals, everyone was probably thinking, ‘She’ll never achieve that!  Who’s she kidding!'”  And the other thought was that, perhaps, once again (according to a couple of people in my life), I set unrealistic goals.

A few hours later, as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m remembering our Code of Honor… to always do what I say I’m going to do~sometimes more, but never less.

Well, now I’m feeling really nervous.  One speaker today shared what Tiger Woods once said, “Absolutely.  I’m always nervous.  I care about what I do.  The day I’m not nervous is the day I quit.”

It’s probably good I’m nervous.  It means I care… About what I committed to. About living up to our Code of Honor.  About always keeping my promises. About being proud of myself and having those closest to me proud of me too.

I know it’s time for me to take bolder actions!  To focus on the positive outcome of me achieving my 2017 goals.  To FEEL IT!  To BELIEVE IT! Because then, I’ll SEE IT!

Everything comes with a reward if I’m willing to pay the price, and I’m willing to pay the price.  This is a big year for me.  A lot is on the line.  I’m nervous.  I will persist until I succeed.

Big Hugs,



Week 10 – “Why aren’t you making your living painting?”

I went to a PSI Basic Seminar Introduction evening at the invitation of a dear friend.  During my conversation with the presenter that evening, she asked me a great question: “Why are you not making your living through selling your paintings?”  In that moment I recognized a pattern in me. Instead of embracing my gift of painting and moving forward in living my life as an artist, I have continually chosen to pursue other paths, always with the intention of creating liberty for myself so I could spend my time in creativity…painting.  What an observation!!!

My PPN’s are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.

The back story…  I share this because sometimes the beliefs we grow up with just aren’t true, and once aware of this, our lives can radically change.

As a child, in grade 2/3, I entered an art contest, and I won! That was very affirming!  However, all the kids in my class said I cheated.  I didn’t cheat. I was traumatized by the accusations, and somehow, I grew up thinking that I couldn’t draw.  This saddened me.  I remember doing a paint-by-numbers horse painting at home, and loving it!  I was great at coloring and painting by numbers, but since “I couldn’t draw”, I never pursued art beyond this.  Not in school.  Not anywhere.

Fast forward 33 years.  Because it was my childhood dream to record an album, I asked a friend how he learned to write songs.  He told me about Julia Cameron’s 12 week program, The Artist’s Way.  Working through this program was a life changing unfoldment for me.

For example, I’m going for a walk one day, and the thought comes to my mind, “Take a painting class.”  Weird.  Where’d that come from?  Well, I found out the town I was living in had an art store, so I went there and talked to a lady who taught watercolor painting classes.  I liked her and signed up for her class.

First class.  She has us sketch a barn.  She came to see my drawing, and commented, “You have natural ability.”  I looked at it, and said to myself, “I think I do.”  Something shifted in me.

The next class I started my first painting, and finished it the next.  I paid to have that painting professionally framed.  Why?  My beliefs were transformed.  I really could draw!  I could paint!

I was in Richmond, BC for a few days and going for a walk in Minoru Park. I captured some of its beauty in photos I took.  When I flew home to Alberta, I put together a composition from those photos, and painted my first original painting.

A lady I had met at an event saw this painting and wanted to buy it.  She told me, “I know this painting is going to be worth a lot when you are famous.”  So I sold my first original painting.  The fifth painting I had ever done.

My second original painting sold.  It was another original composition from those photos I took in Minoru Park.  This buyer also told me, “I know this painting is going to be worth a lot when you are famous.”  I was flying to Vancouver, BC to deliver this painting, and the guy in the seat next to me asked to see it when we landed.   Upon seeing it, he commissioned me to do the painting he had been wanting done.  This was my seventh painting in my life.

I took another one day painting class, and then I stopped painting.   Why? I do not know.

Fast forward another 9 years.  I was in Kauai for Christmas vacation.  I found myself going into art studios.  In one studio, I fell in love with a painting.  I wrestled for 3 days…do I buy it, or not?  It was of significant expense and I didn’t have the money, but the gallery owner said I could pay it off over time.  In fact, I could take 5 years to pay it off, if necessary. Of course, I would not be able to take the painting home until I paid for it completely.

I made my decision by comparing the painting to my music album.  At that time, my album was 5 years old.  If I was to record the album at this point in time, I would record some of the same songs that I recorded 5 years earlier, but not all of them.  I was in a different place in my life now. I reasoned that it would be the same with this painting.  Five years from now, I will be in a different place in my life.  Would I still love the painting as much?  Would it still hold the same inspiration for me?  I decided it wouldn’t, and therefore, chose not to go ahead with the purchase.

It was in this moment that I had the idea of me painting a painting for myself.  My thoughts over the next few days lingered here.

A few days later I was in another art gallery, where I saw many beautiful paintings, all by the same artist.  I wrote down the artist’s name, Googled it, and then sent this gentleman an email.

I told him I loved his paintings and that I would love to come back to Hawaii to celebrate my 50th birthday in 10 months and inquired if he taught painting lessons, and would he teach me.  His reply was that he loved my music, had bought my album on iTunes, and yes, he would teach me.  Wow!  Incredible!

The idea was now forming into a plan.

To be continued… I’ll carry on with the story next week.

The revealing thing to me is that my childhood beliefs are ultimately still running the show.  Even though many people have said the same things to me–you are gifted – you are supposed to be painting – this is your calling–in my mind I’m still running with “I don’t know how to paint.” How could I make my living painting?

Doing the MKMMA course has brought to the forefront of my mind that Recognition for Creative Expression is one of my personal pivotal needs.  As well, in reading Standing Tall, during 2 weeks of a visualization exercise, a magnificent intention around my painting came into clear vision.  A portion of that vision is what I shared with the PSI Basic Seminar presenter, which then prompted her question, ‘Why are you not making your living painting?”, which in turn revealed this pattern in me of continuously denying myself my calling.

In the last week, very cool things are showing up around my painting, which I’m excited to share in next week’s blog.










Week 9 – “Lord, Please Help Me Get One More…”

Desmond T. Doss.  Incredible man.

Conscientious Objector.  He would not compromise his beliefs and convictions, no matter what the cost…and cost there was.

No matter.  In due time, those once against him respected him, trusted him, depended on him, and even waited on him, as he communed with his God, before going into battle.


One day of horrific battle, he rescued 75 fallen comrades.  He would not leave them on the battle field.  He prayed, “Lord, please help me get one more.”  He’d get one.  Then he’d pray again, “Lord, please help me get one more.”  And this carried on for 12 hours till he had rescued all 75.

For the details, I’ll let you watch the 1 hour 41 minute documentary on YouTube, or the movie, Hacksaw Ridge, directed by Mel Gibson.  (Warning:  The movie is VERY graphic and intense).

My mind was deeply impressed by Desmond Doss and I continue to think of him and what he did.

He had unwavering commitment to God, to his family, to his beliefs, to his comrades… to everything, no matter what it cost him or could cost him.  Do I?

His prayer for help to get one more…and continuing that 75 times over 12 hours in the most dangerous and extreme war conditions one could ever experience…was answered.  For example, there was a Japanese soldier who reported that many times Desmond was in his sight, but every time he went to take the shot, his gun jammed.  Divine intervention.

How easy it could have been to succumb to fear in the midst of the terror, and be concerned for himself and abandon his comrades to save his own life.  Yet he did neither.

I’m not fighting in a declared war, with my life one gunshot away from over.  I’m not in a situation where I am pushed to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limits like I expect Desmond must have been.

I am in a battle… for my mind.  Negative thoughts come in, and I have a choice.  Do I dwell on them, entertain them, or turn away from them and immediately focus on positive thoughts instead?  I love that it’s that simple.  I get to choose, in that second, to focus on good things.  This changes everything.

I am in a battle… for legacy.  Am I living a life of mediocrity, or am I living a life on the edge, pushing myself to be better, excellent, a masterpiece?  Am I hiding the gifts and talents I have been given or using them to touch people’s lives in a deep way, making a positive difference in the world?  Playing small or playing big, and inspiring others to play big too?

“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”  Marianne Williamson

Desmond Doss.  Inspiring.

Monica Munro.  Deeper self discovery.  Important questions.  The answers are coming.

Big Hugs,






Week 8 – Giving…

For the last two weeks I’ve been praying for greater power in observing, so that I am aware of opportunities to serve others.

Ask and you shall receive.

In one instance, I was not specifically asked to do anything.  I just recognized an opportunity to serve someone and it was fun and it felt really good to do it and I was able to easily work it into my schedule.

Another instance was a direct request on Thursday night.  I had scheduled that whole evening with numerous things that I absolutely needed to accomplish and was in the thick of it when I received a call at 8:45pm asking me to do something which involved an hour drive each way and time there doing what they needed me to do.  There were a few different thoughts going on in my head in that moment, like “why would you wait till this hour to ask me to do something like this?” and “I’ve got so much work to get done both tonight and tomorrow morning~I will not be able to get it all done if I do this”…  So I said “Yes”, hopped in my car, had a great conversation with my Dad on the drive there, and a couple people on the drive home, and arrived home at midnight.  It was a sacrifice of my original plans, yet it was a few hours filled with value just the same.

Sometimes serving others isn’t convenient at all.  When I was praying for opportunities to serve others, was I only meaning when it was something I wanted to do and when it was convenient for me?  Or did I really mean unconditional serving?

I got to experience various “thoughts” around it, which was good.  I got to choose.  I said “Yes” and got to experience the joy of seeing how happy and thankful the person I helped was afterwards.

Lessons… not always easy, or wanted, but always valuable.

Big Hugs,


Week 7 – Wow! So Cool!!!

What a phenomenal, cool, awesome, crazy good, fabulous, impressive, INCREDIBLE week!

Looking at it objectively, it was a physically demanding week, with 5 intense days, 4 of which consisted of 13 hours of work each day, with no sitting down for 10 of those hours.  Expending massive energy.  Talking almost non-stop.  Grueling, really.  Overall, there were only a few periodic moments of recognizing how tired my body was, and I pushed through them.

Those 4 days…even though they were taxing on my body, my mind was alert and positive, and I was joyful.  Yes, people would say I’m like this pretty much all the time, but I saw a big shift in myself.  This was deeper.  Much deeper.  I greeted each day with love in my heart.  I greeted hundreds of people with love in my heart.  For the first time, I added humor to my presentations and people laughed.  It was so much fun for me to see people laugh and know I created that experience for them, if even just for a few seconds.  I gave people a gift and I felt so good doing it.

I’ve been a better observer this week and have seen ways I could serve others, and I did.  I feel more engaged with people.  I always like to make eye contact with people and this week I’m seeing more people looking me in the eyes.  I love it!  I’m so happy to be alive and healthy!  I’m grateful!  I feel so good inside!

Some random shares…

One night last week, I was driving at night and I looked ahead to the ramp on the right of me and saw many red stoplights and numerous cars with all their red tail lights lit up.  LIBERTY!!!  That was so cool!

And guess what?!  I made a bunch of calls!!!!  I set up a bunch of appointments to meet with people!  I’m still making calls.  There’s not all the “stuff” around them anymore.  When I make the calls, there is an enthusiasm in my voice.  I can hear it!

Years of failure at making calls, and now this?  What’s made the difference?   I changed my thoughts around them, coupled with the Haanel, Mandino, and Januszewski readings I’ve been doing.  Plus, I made a recording of myself speaking (with enthusiasm, confidence and power) my new thinking around making calls, along with my values (I am love.  I am confident.  I am persistent.  I am consistent.  I am skilled.), and one of my pivotal personal needs (Liberty!) to a karaoke version of the song, “Incredible” playing in the background.  I play it every day.

Again, all I can say is INCREDIBLE!  I’m loving MKMMA and the changes I’m seeing in myself and how I’m thinking!  YES!!!!!

Big Hugs,





Week 6 – Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible!  I believe that!  I even believe that for me!  Now it’s just a matter of right thinking, love, and execution.

For years I have had an issue/challenge/problem with making phone calls… phone calls that will build my business and move me closer to fulfilling my dreams.  Sounds silly, really.  What’s so hard about making phone calls to people?  I have ideas, thoughts, stories around it, but that’s all they are.  I’ll easily go knock on someone’s door before I’ll ever pick up a phone.  I’ve done all sorts of things to overcome this…accountability partners, writing down my “why”, thinking about all the people and ways I could help them if I just pick up the phone and call them, scheduling the time to call and sitting there and then coming up with all sorts of things that are more important to do at that moment in time than pick up the phone and I do those instead.  I’ve pumped myself up, “committed” to making calls, and even sat in the same room with other people who were there making calls because that’s what we were there to do, and all with the same result…no calls made, or maybe one call made.  The thing that has moved me the closest to making calls is saying to myself, “I GET to make calls” instead of “I have to make calls.”  It’s a different and more positive mental attitude.  Regardless, my success rate at making calls is dismal at best.

As Og Mandino says in The Greatest Salesman in The World, “I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future.”  He further says, “Good habits are the key to all success.  Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.  Thus, …I will form good habits and become their slave.

Okay, I get it.  My years of “intention to make calls” followed by years of failure after failure after failure have left me with feeling such ignominious personal defeat.  This path I’m on is a jail cell and my dreams are all outside that cell.  I’ve got to get out of this cell.  Reading Og gives me hope.  I can change this bad habit of phone call failure into a good habit.  He says, “Soon these actions and reactions become easy to perform, for any act with practice becomes easy.  Thus a new and good habit is born, for when an act becomes easy through constant repetition it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it is a pleasure to perform it is man’s nature to perform it often.  As I perform it often it is now a habit and I am its slave and since it is a good habit it is my will.”

Well, I’ve been reading this for a month now.  I have a very clear awareness of what it’s costing me.  Just get in the habit of practicing making phone calls, Monica.  Soon enough, they’ll become easy through constant repetition, and then they’ll become a pleasure to perform, and then I’ll be making calls easily and often, and my dreams will be my reality.  And, I still only made 3 calls this week.

Reading the “Gal in the Glass” poem in the mirror the first night brought some intense emotion to the surface when I read the line, “But your final reward will be heartaches and tears if you’ve cheated the gal in the glass.”  Wow!  That hit home.  I have been cheating myself all these years.  Cheating myself!!!  That’s a horrible realization, especially when I look at my future.  If I keep this bad habit up, I’m going to continue cheating myself.

I then read the Blueprint Builder and recorded my thoughts because I recognized something very important.  I’ve been cheating myself through my thinking.  My world within creates my world without.  My world within for years has been dwelling on how phone calls are hard for me.  I don’t know why I can’t make phone calls.  I tried and failed again.  I even set up accountability and I still couldn’t make the calls.  I promised myself I’d make calls and I didn’t.  Phone calls are so hard.  They’re too difficult.  What is my problem?  Why can’t I make calls?  Negative, negative, negative.  Defeatist attitude.  Ingrained negative thinking.  Entrenched bad habits.  This has become my “norm” so that whenever I do make a phone call and feel successful and good about myself, it’s so contrary to my brain’s wiring and firing status quo that I’ve got to get back to my norm of making no calls as quickly as possible, and unfortunately, that’s easy to do.  Hence, my world without can be summarized by no calls and unfulfilled dreams.

So the time has come to rewire my brain, to re-train my thoughts, to scrutinize each thought around making phone calls.

I’ve done 2 new things:

  1.  I’ve added “I talk to 3 people a day about my business” to my service card, and “I always keep my promises” now.  I’ve been successful since I added that.  Since I’m still practicing making calls, if I’ve only had success making one call, then I’ll fulfill my 3 people commitment through face to face.  My intention is to retrain my thinking around calls, and I know it’s step by step.
  2.  I’ve written down my new thoughts on a service card and today I start reading them 3 times a day.  I now focus on them.  I dwell on them.  These new thoughts will soon be my “normal” thinking around phone calls.  My brain is being rewired.

In addition, I love Og’s Scroll Marked II.  I will greet this day with love in my heart.  I know this scroll will help me with my new thinking about phone calls.  Nothing is impossible…not even phone calls.


Big hugs,


Week 5 – I Believe and I Feel!

On Wednesday, I was reading my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) in the afternoon, and an exciting shift happened.  Up until this point, I have been reading it 3 times a day for a little over a month “believing” it to be true intellectually.  This day I “felt” it to be true.  A great wave of emotion rolled over me.  Tears flowed down my cheeks.  I had such a huge feeling of thankfulness in my heart.  I felt so happy and excited!  It was cool.

Now, every time I read my DMP since then, there is so much more enthusiasm in my voice, and a huge smile on my face.  How fun!

Now I feel it and believe it!

I’ve watched a portion of the video, “What The Bleep Do We Know?” four times this week, and I now understand why I’m reading my DMP a few times every day.  It’s literally changing the wiring in my brain.  My experience with my DMP on Wednesday, and since, has shown me that the wiring is definitely changing.  This is truly wonderful!

I’ve been employing my new daily habit this week and I’m very excited about it.  Each night at 9pm (or close to it), I go to my bedroom, and spend 30 minutes inspecting my day.  I do a Mental House Cleaning-did I have any negative thoughts?  If I did, did I use the Law of Substitution and immediately stop them and replace them with positive thoughts and my intention and the good things happening in my life?  I also look at how I spent my time during the day, both socially and with my business.  It’s basically a debrief, and it’s been awesome!  Not awesome in the sense that I’ve been 100% successful in everything.  Far from it.  Awesome in that it’s in my face, revealing, and I can see it in black and white.  For example, in my business, if I’m not making calls, I’m not setting up appointments.  If I’m not setting up appointments, I’m not helping anybody and I’m not making any money.

The other exciting thing for me this week was that I scheduled in a Freedom Day and 4 hours of painting.  These are 2 things that I’ve been wanting to do on a weekly basis.  They’re in my DMP too.  Well, after reading my DMP for 3 weeks, I clued in that it’s time to schedule them as non-negotiables in my weekly schedule, so I did.  I’m very proud to say that I took last Saturday off, and will be tomorrow again.  I also started a new painting yesterday afternoon and it feels great!  Pure joy!

And so I carry on… What an incredible journey this last month has been!  And to think, five months to go!  I can only imagine with great anticipation what these next months hold in store.  For now, now is all there is.  Now is all there ever was.  Now is all there ever will be.  I’m enjoying the now, and everything it is.

Big Hugs!