About Me

Monica Munro    img_1498

I feel most at home when I am resting in the ocean, listening to the waves, walking on the beach, lying in my hammock, strung between 2 trees, just steps from the ocean, watching the sun set, and marveling at the masterpiece in the sky.

This feeling of paradise I also experience when I am creatively expressing through playful painting with vibrant colors, while listening to the great songs of the 70’s.  I paint landscapes with oil, using a palette knife.  This is my passion and my bliss, where time disappears.

I am a singer/songwriter.  I released my debut album, Down To The River, January 14, 2010.  Two of my music dreams are to go Platinum with my album, and to perform a concert at the Sydney Opera House.

I am a proud mother of two amazing men, Aaron (26) and Elias (24).

I have been an entrepreneur for the past 17 years and love it!

I am healthy and happy and very grateful for all my blessings.

I love life!  I love giving hugs!

The song below is a big hug from me to you!