Week 24 – 90 Day Blitz

90 Day Blitz.

A term most widely recognized in the Network Marketing Industry, although it is used in other industries as well.

It represents commitment and laser focus and being “ALL-IN” for a period of 90 days.

A 90 day commitment is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a big deal.  It’s easy to say, “Well, anyone can do anything for 90 days.  What’s the big deal?”  Ask anyone who’s made a New Year’s Resolution.  Statistics show that January 15th is the date that most New Year’s Resolutions have been tossed by the wayside.  15 days in.  What happened?  Seriously.  What happened to the resolve, the commitment, the determination, the dedication, the DESIRE to change something in their lives?  Where did it go?  And why?

Why?  That’s the question.  It obviously no longer served them because we only do things that serve us.  They didn’t actually want what they said they wanted.  They thought they did, but when it came right down to it, they DECIDED the effort, work, energy, focus, and commitment to achieve it wasn’t worth it.  It actually didn’t mean as much to them as they initially thought it did.

Why is it so easy to decide something is no longer important to us?  Why does it only take 15 days to go from absolute resolve and commitment to achieve something, and getting everything ready to ensure success, to quitting?  “All-in” to “all-out” in 15 days.

Desire.  Decision.  Why.

When we have a strong, compelling, and “burning” desire, we make a decision to go after that desire, and we are likely to keep going after it as long as the reason we are going after it remains in the forefront in our mind.  Even then, there will be times that we may question if we really want it, and that’s when we need the people who know us best to be in our corner spurring us on.  Let’s face it.  We prefer the path of least resistance.  We prefer easy.  When something we want is no longer easy, how many will keep going?  Only a very few.  Even fewer will go for an extended period of time.

I am embarking on a 90 Day Blitz beginning on Monday, March 27, 2017.  I have a “burning” desire, I’ve made a decision, and I know “why”.  I also know what lies ahead.

This weekend I’m “clearing the deck”.  I’m preparing so that I give myself the best opportunity for success.

One day at a time.  ALL-IN.

Love and Big Hugs,


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