Week 22 – 37 Years of Giving

Last night my dear friend, Ron McNeill, introduced me to Ashid Bahl, an incredible man with a giant heart and purpose.

Serendipity?  No.

Perfect timing?  Law of Attraction?  Manifestation?  In the flow?  Meant to be?  Destiny?  Absolutely.

I watched For The Love of Children, his International Documentary that was 33 years in the making. It’s a beautiful film of his heart and his work since 1980, providing much needed help, hope, and support to disadvantaged children locally (in my province of Alberta, Canada), regionally, and internationally.  In fact, every month, Ashid takes care of his 10,500 adopted children.  He, and his 2,000 volunteers, and all of the caring people who generously donate to For The Love of Children Society, have already made a huge difference in the lives of over 100,000 children.

I’m not going to share all the things they are doing because I want you to give yourself the gift of going to this website to see for yourself: http://www.fortheloveofchildrensociety.org

I’d love for you to watch his award winning documentary.  (It won Best Feature Documentary at the Monaco International Film Festival in 2013.) Seeing the huge smiles on the faces of the children he’s helped opened my heart.

I would also encourage you to meet this man.  His heart, his passion, and his love for these children is beyond measure.  He has often put his own life in danger to get much needed food and supplies to children in war-torn countries.  He has never taken an income from the donations that come in.  Every penny donated goes to help the children.  The 2,000 volunteers receive no monetary compensation either.  Ashid has received awards and accolades from some of the “Who’s Who In the World”, yet it’s the children, not the awards that drive him.  He is a humble, gentle spirit who has given for 37 years through his work and his non-profit organization, but his giving started long before, when at 11 years old, he was giving his toys and lunches away to other kids.  This is who this man is.  He’s the real deal.

He touched my heart and soul deeply yesterday.  I hope you’ll let him touch yours.

Love & Big Hugs,


Ashid and I. I’m holding the Angel Award for his Documentary,.

P.S. I’ve put the trailer for the documentary below.  Just so you know, you cannot hear anything but music in this trailer.  In the actual documentary, you hear Ashid and the children and others speaking, not this music.

2 thoughts on “Week 22 – 37 Years of Giving”

  1. Monica, what an amazing blog, the video was very inspiring. Have you turned his name into Mark J to see if some of the money from pay it forward could be used for his efforts. He has done so many great things for others and if we could all help him it would be wonderful. What are some of his needs for the children that he works with. Thanks again for sharing.

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