Week 16 – Constructive Thinking

I’ve heard it said a few times over the years…”schedule thinking time into your day”.  In addition, I heard that if you’ve got a very busy day ahead, schedule a significantly longer thinking time that day.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to do constructive thinking for 30 minutes a day.  My first 30 minutes of constructive thinking time began Thursday morning.  It was a great time, and when the timer went off 30 minutes later, I was sad that I hadn’t set more time aside for this.  Later that evening I took another 1.5 hours to continue with constructive thinking.  On Friday morning my 30 minutes of constructive thinking time turned into 4 hours.  It was incredible!!!  I basically wrote a talk during that time.  Again I was sad that I couldn’t carry on for longer.

Since then, I have deprived myself of time for constructive thinking, and I recognize that I have been craving it.  Why have I deprived myself?  A lack of discipline. Not deliberate and focused.  Letting old habits win.  Self sabotage.

Bottom line is, I loved my constructive thinking time.  I felt inspired during that time.  I felt fulfilled, productive, deliberate, focused.

It’s time to make it a new, good habit.  I know the effort will be more than worth it.

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