Week 15 – Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

People erroneously throw around the phrase, “Knowledge is power.”

No, it’s not.

I ‘know’ a lot of things.

And it makes absolutely no difference in my life what I know, if I’m not going to take that knowledge and apply it to my life.

Application.  That’s where the power lies.

Taking action on what I know.  This is power.

Knowledge does not apply itself.

How much longer do I want to hang out where I’ve been hanging out in my life?  How many more years?  Honestly?  No more years, and no more days.

What I do with my life and with the knowledge I have NOW… this makes all the difference.  NOW is all there is.  Now is not yesterday, and now is not tomorrow.  It’s right now.  That’s it.  That’s all I have.  That’s all I’ll ever have.

My thoughts, my feelings, my actions, and doing something now, in this very moment in time, is what can change my experiences in this world.

For the majority of my life, my actions have been governed by custom, precedent and habit.  They still are.  However, over the last few weeks, I’ve been developing some new, good habits in my life, especially around my thoughts.  I have committed to zealously and constantly inspect my thoughts.

To carry on with these good habits, daily, takes a determined conscious effort.  This is not child’s play.  This is me making a firm decision, resolved that I only allow myself to entertain positive thoughts.  This is me acting with critical awareness.  This is me vigorously, seriously, consciously, and with determination and discipline, exerting power to make these changes, moment by moment, now.

Does this sound difficult or like too much work?  It’s not.  I just keep practicing.  With disciplined focus, I realize more success each day.  And my days keep getting happier and happier.  It’s totally worth the effort already.

I love my experience of now!

Big Hugs!





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