Week 21 – Creating My Life

I came into the world with the ability to create my life however I wanted.

Even though I have this ability, my programs are running my life. I’m not.

Fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings, unworthiness – they’re all excuses, and excuses serve me. I get payoffs from them. The payoffs: sympathy, attention, blame, justification, let me off the hook, no accountability, no responsibility, I get to be right about what I believe about myself, and sometimes I even get gifts (chocolate).

Along with the payoffs come the victim prices: I give up my power, freedom, growth, confidence, love, time, joy, trust, belief in myself, possibilities, meaningful/healthy relationships, possibilities, dreams, and my Definite Major Purpose.

These prices are the way I take revenge on myself.

My birthright is to be and have everything I want in life. I just need to claim it.  Live it.


Love and Big Hugs,

Week 20 – “Unrealistic” Goals

The people closest to me have let me know that they think I set unrealistic goals.  Granted, there have been a few goals I’ve set that appeared to be completely unrealistic when compared to the reality of what transpired. For example, I thought I could sell 2,500 music CDs a month, but the reality was I sold on average 2,500 a year, going door to door for 1 to 3 hours a day and taking 8 weeks of holidays a year. Experience proved that my dream of going Platinum in Canada would actually take 32 years (if people still bought CDs), not just under 3 as I originally anticipated.

Looking back and knowing what I know now, and had I made different choices, I know I could have accomplished that original goal of selling 2,500 CDs a month.

Who decides what a realistic goal is and what an unrealistic goal is?  We all see life through our own filters and programming.  Because someone thinks a goal I’ve set is unrealistic, does that make it unrealistic? Absolutely not!

At the time, when JFK, in his speech at Rice University on September 12, 1962, said, “We choose to go to the moon” within a decade, I bet a lot of people thought that was “unrealistic”.  Then on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstong became the first man to step on the moon.

Since Roger Bannister, on May 6, 1954, broke the 4 minute mile barrier, a sub 4 minute mile has became the reality of hundreds of people.

I was listening to a motivational video a couple of weeks ago (see below) and was encouraged when I heard “Being unrealistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.  Why would I be realistic?”

So here’s what I wrote in my journal…

Without a doubt, you will see me as one of the top salespeople in Combined.  Without a doubt, you will see me share a stage with some of the top speakers in the world, sharing my message and touching people’s lives lovingly and powerfully.  Without a doubt, you will see me perform at the Sydney Opera House.  Without a doubt, you will see me make myself proud.  Family and friends too.  In the near future.  This is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it.  I’ll be called crazy, an idiot, a loser, but I will be someone’s hero.  I must break society’s status quo.


What’s it gonna be…  Who I’m gonna be…  How I’m gonna do it…

JUST DECIDE.  From this point, the universe gets out of my way.

Love & Big Hugs,


Week 19-Another Gift

I am so totally blessed!!!  I have received gift after gift after gift from participating in the Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

The latest gift is what I learned from the Amy Cuddy Ted Talk, posted below.

I’ve physically been doing power poses all week, in private.  I’ve also been drawing power poses in my notes during training sessions.  My eyes are continually drawn to them as they too give me that sense of confidence.

And it’s true.  I do feel very confident when I’m doing power poses, and that feeling stays with me as I go into my next activity.

I first used the power poses before my Life Insurance and Segregated Funds government exams on Tuesday morning.  I was posing in the bathroom and I was posing in the hallway before going into the exam room.  I felt great!  Then before starting to write the exam, I reminded myself that my subconscious would bring to memory what I needed to know to succeed on the exams.  Truth be told, I was feeling so confident that I was anticipating 100% on each.

Then I started writing the exams… Let’s just say, I reminded myself a few times to relax, focus on doing my best, and trust “subby” would do it’s job.

Over the next 25 hours of waiting for my results, I wasn’t “feeling” any of the confidence I had going into the exams.  Perhaps it might have helped if I continued to do the power poses?

When I saw my 80% and 87% scores, I was SUPER thankful and totally relieved.  Everyday since, I feel so much gratitude for this success.

It was the first time I’ve ever gone into writing an exam feeling so awesome and totally confident.  Power pose, baby!  It created an incredibly positive mindset!

Well, I’m absolutely sold on power poses.  I find myself doing them a lot more now (still in private).  My confidence is up, and my taking action has increased, and that gives me even more confidence.  Feeling great!!!

Love and Big Hugs,