Week 13 – NARC

Three weeks ago I set a huge goal for the upcoming year (December 11, 2016 – December 10, 2017).  It’s a bigger goal than I’ve ever set before because I want to see what I’m really made of.  I have something to prove to myself.  It’s time to begin the journey to the best I can be, and the best I can give.  No settling for anything less.  Living boldly.

Those who know me know I’ve always set big goals, and I go after them.  I have proven in the past that I have determination and tenacity.  Many people tell me that I inspire them.

I don’t tend to reach the goals I’ve set, but I make a respectable dent. Bigger than I would have made if I hadn’t set such a big goal.

Some people think I set unrealistic goals.  “Here she goes again…”

So what if someone thinks they’re unrealistic.  What matters is what I think, what I believe, what I’m willing to give to achieve them, the lessons I’ll learn, and the lives I’ll touch along the way.

In order to achieve this huge goal (and I’m going to), a few things are imperative:

  • I toil and I endure.
  • I ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goal above my head.
  • I keep this goal in the forefront of my mind.
  • I always remember why I’m doing what I’m doing.
  • I believe I achieve it and I feel me achieving it.
  • I persist until I succeed.
  • I keep a positive mental attitude.
  • I have fun and enjoy this journey.
  • I follow a written daily plan of action that I’ve prepared the night before.
  • I engage support through a mastermind.
  • I take great care of my health, get good rest, and maintain my energy.
  • I keep the main thing the main thing and just do that.
  • I keep track of my progress and measure it daily.
  • I reflect daily on the use of my time, my attitude and my focus, and record what worked, what didn’t work, and what can get better.
  • I do daily personal development, using motivational videos, quotes, talks to inspire me boldly forward.
  • I celebrate my progress every day.
  • I employ the 7 Laws of the Mind daily.
    • Law of Forgiveness
    • Law of Growth
    • Law of Practice
    • Law of Relaxation
    • Law of Substitution
    • Law of Subconscious
    • Law of Dual Thought

And finally, I am employing Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning (NARC).  I am so thankful to have learned about this through MKMMA.  I truly believe that using NARC every day is what will make the difference between me achieving this goal completely, and simply making a respectable dent.

Big Hugs,






Week 12 – No Routine Poses Challenges

I’m not quite ready to write the conclusion to my Week 10 blog.  I will be… soon.  For now…

I travel a lot.  A few times a year I travel out of country, and many times a year I head to a another city a few hours away.  Back and forth.  Two weeks here.  A weekend there.  A week here.  A few days there.  Three weeks here.  Back and forth.

My work activities and schedule are different every day.

Overall, I enjoy this aspect of my life, apart from the ‘what feels like’ constant packing, hauling stuff around, and unpacking.

However, I’ve noticed that over the last few weeks of even more travel than normal, this lack of routine has posed increased challenges for me regarding fulfilling my MKMMA commitments.

This is how I choose to live my life.  I’ve concluded that regardless of how unconventional my life is, it simply comes down to focus and priorities.

Successfully fulfilling my commitments requires me to exercise more focus and discipline at these times.

Discipline.  Focus.  Energy.  Execution.

Discipline to do what I’ve said I would do.  Focus to keep first things first because this is my life and my future self.  I can be what I will to be!   Energy to do it with unbridled enthusiasm.  And execution.  Just do it!  Do it now!!

Something that has come into clearer focus for me recently is yes, it’s all about my thoughts, AND it’s all about execution.  Action!  Having good, positive thoughts must be followed by good, positive actions.  Consistency is truly key.

Persistent, continuous action.  Bold action.  This is my life!  Take bolder actions!  Do I really want what I say I want?  Then do what I said I’d do, sometimes more, but never less.

And so, I refocus and do it now!

Big Hugs,




Week 11 – Quite A Day!

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Las Vegas.  I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to walk outside here, after a few days of a windchill of -30 degrees Celcius in Alberta.  I walked 20,489 steps (8.24 miles) yesterday, and 12,865 steps so far today.  I love to walk!

We had our one day convention with my insurance company today.  It was incredible!  It was a privilege to listen to a gentleman who has been with the company for 60 years and who was our late founder’s closest friend. He spoke of having a definite major purpose, a burning desire and a positive mental attitude, of changing our thoughts, of taking action, and persisting.  He said to never let the picture of my definite major purpose fade in my mind.

The whole day was a gift of inspiration to me.  It was a gift I gave myself because I chose to book a flight, hotel room, and shuttle and get here.  It came at a financial cost.  Everything comes with a sacrifice.  Was it worth it?  Absolutely!

Why?  I got to see the big picture.  I got to see how I fit into this big picture.

I observed.  I listened.  I felt.  I was challenged.  I was inspired.

I saw where I fall short…how I play small.  For example, I hold back from calling people, and especially at this time of year because “I don’t want to bother people” or I refrain from saying things because “I don’t want to offend people”.

I learned where and how I can improve in my discipline, commitment, skills.  Like calling 10 people a day, every day, regardless of what’s going on.  The difference I can make is everything.

What do I want to be known for?  What legacy do I want to leave?  I want to matter.  I want to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives I touch.  I want so much for my family to be proud of me.  I want so much for me to be proud of me.  When I hold back, it’s not possible.  When I play full on and play big, it’s possible.

After the event was over, our office got together and broke into 3 groups. We each shared what we were taking away from today.  Then we were asked to share what our goals for the first quarter of 2017 are and also what our goals for the full year are.  I was asked to share first, so I stated my huge goals publicly.  (I had already decided on the biggest one a couple of weeks ago, so it wasn’t a spur of the moment, in the emotion of the day, goal.)

Then as I listened to everyone else’s goals, which were mostly much smaller than mine, I had a couple of interesting thoughts going through my head.  One was my own thought, “I’ve had such a slow start at getting some initial results that when I shared my goals, everyone was probably thinking, ‘She’ll never achieve that!  Who’s she kidding!'”  And the other thought was that, perhaps, once again (according to a couple of people in my life), I set unrealistic goals.

A few hours later, as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m remembering our Code of Honor… to always do what I say I’m going to do~sometimes more, but never less.

Well, now I’m feeling really nervous.  One speaker today shared what Tiger Woods once said, “Absolutely.  I’m always nervous.  I care about what I do.  The day I’m not nervous is the day I quit.”

It’s probably good I’m nervous.  It means I care… About what I committed to. About living up to our Code of Honor.  About always keeping my promises. About being proud of myself and having those closest to me proud of me too.

I know it’s time for me to take bolder actions!  To focus on the positive outcome of me achieving my 2017 goals.  To FEEL IT!  To BELIEVE IT! Because then, I’ll SEE IT!

Everything comes with a reward if I’m willing to pay the price, and I’m willing to pay the price.  This is a big year for me.  A lot is on the line.  I’m nervous.  I will persist until I succeed.

Big Hugs,



Week 10 – “Why aren’t you making your living painting?”

I went to a PSI Basic Seminar Introduction evening at the invitation of a dear friend.  During my conversation with the presenter that evening, she asked me a great question: “Why are you not making your living through selling your paintings?”  In that moment I recognized a pattern in me. Instead of embracing my gift of painting and moving forward in living my life as an artist, I have continually chosen to pursue other paths, always with the intention of creating liberty for myself so I could spend my time in creativity…painting.  What an observation!!!

My PPN’s are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.

The back story…  I share this because sometimes the beliefs we grow up with just aren’t true, and once aware of this, our lives can radically change.

As a child, in grade 2/3, I entered an art contest, and I won! That was very affirming!  However, all the kids in my class said I cheated.  I didn’t cheat. I was traumatized by the accusations, and somehow, I grew up thinking that I couldn’t draw.  This saddened me.  I remember doing a paint-by-numbers horse painting at home, and loving it!  I was great at coloring and painting by numbers, but since “I couldn’t draw”, I never pursued art beyond this.  Not in school.  Not anywhere.

Fast forward 33 years.  Because it was my childhood dream to record an album, I asked a friend how he learned to write songs.  He told me about Julia Cameron’s 12 week program, The Artist’s Way.  Working through this program was a life changing unfoldment for me.

For example, I’m going for a walk one day, and the thought comes to my mind, “Take a painting class.”  Weird.  Where’d that come from?  Well, I found out the town I was living in had an art store, so I went there and talked to a lady who taught watercolor painting classes.  I liked her and signed up for her class.

First class.  She has us sketch a barn.  She came to see my drawing, and commented, “You have natural ability.”  I looked at it, and said to myself, “I think I do.”  Something shifted in me.

The next class I started my first painting, and finished it the next.  I paid to have that painting professionally framed.  Why?  My beliefs were transformed.  I really could draw!  I could paint!

I was in Richmond, BC for a few days and going for a walk in Minoru Park. I captured some of its beauty in photos I took.  When I flew home to Alberta, I put together a composition from those photos, and painted my first original painting.

A lady I had met at an event saw this painting and wanted to buy it.  She told me, “I know this painting is going to be worth a lot when you are famous.”  So I sold my first original painting.  The fifth painting I had ever done.

My second original painting sold.  It was another original composition from those photos I took in Minoru Park.  This buyer also told me, “I know this painting is going to be worth a lot when you are famous.”  I was flying to Vancouver, BC to deliver this painting, and the guy in the seat next to me asked to see it when we landed.   Upon seeing it, he commissioned me to do the painting he had been wanting done.  This was my seventh painting in my life.

I took another one day painting class, and then I stopped painting.   Why? I do not know.

Fast forward another 9 years.  I was in Kauai for Christmas vacation.  I found myself going into art studios.  In one studio, I fell in love with a painting.  I wrestled for 3 days…do I buy it, or not?  It was of significant expense and I didn’t have the money, but the gallery owner said I could pay it off over time.  In fact, I could take 5 years to pay it off, if necessary. Of course, I would not be able to take the painting home until I paid for it completely.

I made my decision by comparing the painting to my music album.  At that time, my album was 5 years old.  If I was to record the album at this point in time, I would record some of the same songs that I recorded 5 years earlier, but not all of them.  I was in a different place in my life now. I reasoned that it would be the same with this painting.  Five years from now, I will be in a different place in my life.  Would I still love the painting as much?  Would it still hold the same inspiration for me?  I decided it wouldn’t, and therefore, chose not to go ahead with the purchase.

It was in this moment that I had the idea of me painting a painting for myself.  My thoughts over the next few days lingered here.

A few days later I was in another art gallery, where I saw many beautiful paintings, all by the same artist.  I wrote down the artist’s name, Googled it, and then sent this gentleman an email.

I told him I loved his paintings and that I would love to come back to Hawaii to celebrate my 50th birthday in 10 months and inquired if he taught painting lessons, and would he teach me.  His reply was that he loved my music, had bought my album on iTunes, and yes, he would teach me.  Wow!  Incredible!

The idea was now forming into a plan.

To be continued… I’ll carry on with the story next week.

The revealing thing to me is that my childhood beliefs are ultimately still running the show.  Even though many people have said the same things to me–you are gifted – you are supposed to be painting – this is your calling–in my mind I’m still running with “I don’t know how to paint.” How could I make my living painting?

Doing the MKMMA course has brought to the forefront of my mind that Recognition for Creative Expression is one of my personal pivotal needs.  As well, in reading Standing Tall, during 2 weeks of a visualization exercise, a magnificent intention around my painting came into clear vision.  A portion of that vision is what I shared with the PSI Basic Seminar presenter, which then prompted her question, ‘Why are you not making your living painting?”, which in turn revealed this pattern in me of continuously denying myself my calling.

In the last week, very cool things are showing up around my painting, which I’m excited to share in next week’s blog.